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Thanks for sharing this with us, it's a good exemple of amavis' customs.

2014-09-16 6:44 GMT+02:00 André Rodier <andre at>:

> Hi everybody,
> There is one feature, I missed when I stopped to use gmail, which is the
> automatic recognition of 'Important' messages. I am actually trying to
> replicate that, with a custom amavis perl script, and a virtual folder in
> 'Dovecot'. So far, it's encouraging.
> I even can create rules in Thunderbird to automatically tag messages as
> 'Important'.
> So far, the script tries to 'classify' emails in 4 categories:
> - Internal: an internal email inside the company.
> - List: Official mailing list, since it's containing valid 'List-Id' etc.
> - Bulk: A mailing list email, without the header
> - Private: a private email, sent from someone.
> So, my dovecot filter is getting all 'Internal' and 'Private' emails to
> create a virtual folder called 'Important'.
> Please, understand that this 'feature' is an added value to spam
> filtering. It's very useful for people who are subscribe to many mailing
> lists using their main email address. They often want to have important
> emails automatically recognised without loosing access to mailing lists.
> Since I could not find appropriate documentation about Amavis hooks,
> especially an up to date reference of $msginfo, the perl script is probably
> not optimised, and it's here I need your help. However, it's doing the job
> so far, and my users are thrilled. The code is simple, readable and
> optimised enough to have no impact on performances (so far).
> Notes and Todo:
> 1 - The bulk email recognition is probably were there is more place for
> improvements
> 2 - I need to stop analysing emails marked as Spam.
> 3 - Internal emails recognition may not work in some cases, I need your
> help here.
> 4 - A nice to have feature will be per-user rules, using a simple database
> of important emails senders.
> The feature 4 is essentially the missing point to have the same features
> as gmail.
> I am neither a Perl hacker, so the perl's experts around may have some
> ideas.
> If you want to help, or if you are interested, the code is here:
> Comments are welcome.
> André
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