Bad Header info to Spamassassin

Toni Schornböck ts at
Thu Sep 11 09:40:01 CEST 2014


My question is the following: Amavis adds "X-Amavis-Alert" with "BAD
HEADER SECTION" if some mail headers are messed up. I'd like to increase
the spam score of those messages. It seems Spamassassin does not see the
X-Amavis-Alert header and so I can't apply SA rules for this.
My try was:

header L_AMAVIS_ALERT_EXISTS exists:X-Amavis-Alert

which never triggered.
Is there a way to make amavis add X-Amavis-Alert before passing the mail
to Spamassassin or to add some spam score from inside amavis (like the

I can't reject mails based on bad headers but I really want to increase
the spam score on those messages.

I am using
CentOS release 6.5
amavis 2.9.1-2.el6
spamassassin 3.3.1-3.el6

kind regards,

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