Quarantined messages: missing X-Envelope-From header

Pascal Volk user+amavis-users at localhost.localdomain.org
Wed Sep 3 02:43:13 CEST 2014


quarantined messages don't have a X-Envelope-From header. When I try to
release a message from the quarantine amavis logs:

	Quarantine release $QID: missing X-Envelope-From or Return-Path

But the quarantined message has a Return-Path header.

I've checked the archive of this mailing list. The problem is well
known. But I couldn't find a solution. Either my google-foo is bad or
google itself.

I'm using amavisd-new 2.9.1 (Debian: 1:2.9.1-1).

,--[ /etc/amavis/conf.d/20-debian_defaults ]--
| $QUARANTINEDIR = "$MYHOME/virusmails";
| $quarantine_subdir_levels = 1

The RELEASE_NOTES for amavisd-new-2.1.2 mentions:

	- place mail header field X-Envelope-From in front of the
	  X-Envelope-To in quarantined mail; …

What have I overlooked/ignored?

The trapper recommends today: fabaceae.1424602 at localdomain.org

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