suicide DBD

Nick Edwards nick.z.edwards at
Thu Oct 30 08:25:53 CET 2014

That's hardly efficient
Since amavisd needs, and infact creates those files, if it sees they
are not there for whatever reason, it should just recreate them, log
that fact, an carry on as usual. if it can not create them, then I
understand a die.

i also think the logging is rediculous, it just fills thousands of
lines of the same thing, it should know it has a problem, it should
know it has already logged that problem.

On 10/29/14, Olivier Nicole <Olivier.Nicole at> wrote:
> Nick,
>> Sure, I could change it so it listens to the real world IP address and
>> have our monitor software chekc it, but thats hardly secure or
>> appropriate.
> I think the appropriate way would be to have your monitoring software
> talk to Amavis daemon directly, on wathever port it is using, and expect
> to receive this or that result: send an infected message and a clean
> message for insoection and get the result. If you get no result or wrong
> result, Amavis is in trouble.
> Best regards,
> olivier

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