suicide DBD

Nick Edwards nick.z.edwards at
Wed Oct 29 04:36:10 CET 2014


Surely there is a better way to handle this

amavis[3668]: (!)_DIE: Suicide in child_init_hook: BDB can't connect
db env. at /var/amavis/db: No such file or directory, No such file or
directory. at (eval 83) line 337.

after about 10K lines or so of the above (I gave up trying to count)
and finding out 9 hours later mail stopped flowing, there must be a
better way to deal with this, like call a restart, or try create the
damned things like happens when started up, rather than waking up next
morning and finding out there is 16K messages in its queue because
amavisd died (to which there was no other indication as to why, the
message seconds before it died was processed correctly and delivered
to mailstore.

Sure, I could change it so it listens to the real world IP address and
have our monitor software chekc it, but thats hardly secure or

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