banned file types

Deeztek Support support at
Thu Oct 16 21:56:39 CEST 2014

I'm a little confused by the banned file types in amavis and I'm hoping 
someone can add some insight:

Looking into amavis configuration, I see the following entries.

Banned files:


I'm assuming the "i" at the end means ban. If that's correct, could it 
be written as?

[qr'.\.(exe|vbs|pif|scr|bat|cmd|com|cpl|rtf)$'=> 1]

and have the same effect?

Additionally, the following entry:

[ qr'^\.(zip|rar|arc|arj|zoo)$'=> 0 ]

I'm assuming that means allow

Now, what does qr'^\. mean as opposed to qr'.\.

Thanks in advance

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