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Fri May 30 21:49:36 CEST 2014

I guess I'm not very bright, and/or documentation is lacking.

Essentially I've done more reading of the docs and looking at examples I can find.
As I noted in my last post, I want, for example, to dis-allow [for example] zip files, EXCEPT when they come *from* X sender, [and, also, perhaps *to* Y user.]

It appears the best approach is to use the banned_files_lovers maps - but I can't find a single example, or even modest documentation references as to how any of the *_lovers maps work. [Or what matches can be used etc.]

So, even getting started on using amavis for this seems impossible.

Could anyone point me at where this is in the docs. [A google search for "lover site:" doesn't return anything - so it's not in the docs on-site.] I also don't find it in the source packages either for a current version of the version that applies to my distro. [Ubuntu 12.04/Amavis 2.65, IIRC]

A good, very through example would be helpful, yet a good set of docs would be even better.

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