Amavisd-new 2.9.0, Exim, XFORWARD, Policy Bank issues

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Tue May 27 02:54:48 CEST 2014

Hi Guys,

Desperate to try and find a solution that doesn't require me to 
completely replace my MTA (that will be a nightmare).

I am wanting to use policy banks with exim. Unfortunately, the SMTP 
extension XFORWARD that exists in Postfix does not exist in exim. As 
such, my policy bank for MYNETS does not work as the relevant 
information that amavis needs in order to make this work is not being 
passed to it from exim.

I have asked in the exim mailing list and got a response that I will 
include below. I am wondering whether anyone has been able to work 
around this limitation sucessfully or whether they have some feedback 
into the response I got below from the exim mailing list (which I don't 
quite understand):

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Subject: Re: [exim] Exim 4.82, Amavis, XFORWARD
Date: 2014-05-27 08:15
 From: Todd Lyons <emailmasked at masked>

On Mon, May 26, 2014 at 7:49 AM,  <thunder at emailaddress> wrote:
>>> I am trying to use Amavis and Exim together. For the most part it is 
>>> all
>>> working fine, except I have an issue that I cannot use the "policy 
>>> bank"
>>> functionality of Amavis due to Exim apparently not supporting the
>>> XFORWARD extension in its SMTP transport, this is covered in:
> Amavis is quite a popular choice for mail filtering, for obvious 
> reasons.
> This is a bit of a let down for anyone wanting to use Amavis with exim.
> Surely
> I'm not the only person to hit this road block. Is there any 
> workaround?

Does Amavis support Proxy Protocol?  If yes, then the next release
will have Proxy Protocol as a supported method of passing remote
information like this.

1) It will be in exim 4.83.  The release process is just starting now,
so there will be several RC's and such released before the official
release.  I'd be suprised if it ends up being less than a month from
2) You can take the patches, there are about 4 of them, and apply them
to your exim 4.82 package and build it.  Unless you build apps with
reasonable frequency, this is not the easiest thing in the world.
3) Amavis is a perl app.  I also wrote a perl script, in the exim
repository, which emulates the proxy and sends Proxy Protocol
negotiation as part of the connection.  It would likely be not *too*
hard to hack that code into Amavis and give it that capability.

The "proxy protocol version 2" extension dated 5/18/14 that is
mentioned in the documentation is indeed in Exim, as well as the perl
utility script.
manage it the way you want,
send it the way the spec says to. --John Levine

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