amavis doesn't notice SQL server down

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>> Patrick,
>> > I don't recall if this has been addressed before.
>> > When an LDAP or SQL server goes away while amavis is running
>> > amavis doesn't
>> > seem to note the LDAP or SQL server has come back until you
>> > restart/reload
>> > amavis. Instead it keeps rejecting (TMPFAIL) messages.
>> >
>> > It would be great if a fix for that made it into 2.9.
>> It would be nice, but I'm running out of time now, and we currently
>> no longer use an SQL database on our mailer to be able to test a change.
>> This will either need to be postponed, or if you have a fix in mind
>> it would be welcome.
> IIRC Quanah posted a fix for LDAP (?) quite some time ago.

Correct, LDAP has been fixed for all scenarios I've hit.


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