RFC: handle UNCHECKED more precisely

Mark Martinec via amavis-users amavis-users at amavis.org
Tue May 6 17:40:01 CEST 2014

On 2013-04-25, Carsten Wolff wrote:
>> currently, all mail that
>> - contains a "mailbomb"
>> - contains encrypted parts
>> - contains any other undecipherable parts
>> falls under content category "UNCHECKED" and thus shares a final
>> destination. I think  it might be desirable to have different final
>> destinations for these cases. Please take the attached (untested) 
>> patch to
>> amavis 2.8 as a suggestion. It introduces two sub-cc's for UNCHECKED. 
>> One
>> for mail that only contains encrypted parts (e.g. S/MIME), the other 
>> for
>> mail that contains anything over limits (mailbombs?).
> attached you'll find a tested version of the patch. I use it to defang
> "mailbombs" like they were in earlier amavis Versions, by the following
> configuration:
>   $defang_by_ccat{CC_UNCHECKED.",2"} = 1;
> Please consider this patch, thank you.

For the record, the change based on this patch is now in 2.9.0.


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