Adding additional minor_ccat and associated maps in config file or custom hook

Thomas Johnson via amavis-users amavis-users at
Tue May 6 15:37:37 CEST 2014

Is it possible, in the config file or via a custom hook, to add an additional minor_ccat and then the associated _maps to handle things like subject line rewrites, quarantining etc, based on the category being assigned in a custom hook?

Here's the idea.  Add a field "spam_subject_tag_bulk" field to the policy sql table.  Then in a custom hook, check the List-Precedence header, or for other things that indicate bulk email.  And then to add a new CCAT for a recipient - perhaps something like "CC_SPAMMY,2".

Then add @spam_subject_bulk_maps, and add that map to %subject_tag_maps_by_ccat.

Could those things be set in either the config file or a hook?  Or would it involve patching the main code?

And would those additions result in the proper subject line rewriting, etc? Or would that have to be done manually in the custom hook?



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