Banned files match, example question

Gregory Sloop gregs at
Fri Jun 13 06:09:10 CEST 2014

ON> Gregory,

>> But I'm confused. Why does the first match use:
>> $'i
>> vs
>> $'ix for the second?

ON> amavis is written in Perl, this is Perl syntax: i stands for case
ON> insensitive: the regexp would match .exe and .EXE and .eXe etc.

ON> x means extended, you can have  spaces in the regexp and they will be
ON> ignored, that adds readability to your regexp.

ON> Bests,

ON> Olivier

Ah, yes! That does make more sense. My Perl-foo is weak. [I can bash together rudimentary Thag-cave-man style things, but didn't recognize this.]

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