Clarificaition on configuration.

Mark Martinec Mark.Martinec+amavis at
Tue Jul 8 14:10:41 CEST 2014


> If amavisd.conf does not contain the following statement
> @viruses_that_fake_sender_maps = ();
> and global configuration has $final_virus_destiny = D_BOUNCE
> As per my understanding, bounces should get generated.  This is the way,
> it was configured in my setup (unintentionally).  I have already changed
> it to D_DISCARD.
> But, question is why the bounces were not happening?

There are some additional measures implemented historically
in order to prevent bounces to be send to innocent third parties:

   mail will not be delivered to its recipients, a non-delivery
   notification (bounce) will be sent to the sender by amavisd-new
   (unless suppressed). Bounce (DSN) will not be sent if a virus
   name matches $viruses_that_fake_sender_maps, or to messages
   from mailing lists (Precedence: bulk|list|junk), or for spam
   exceeding spam_dsn_cutoff_level


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