Virus notification to internal sender.

Sun Jul 6 06:34:31 CEST 2014

Dear Mark,

Thank you very much.  I will try out.

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>> I have enabled PUA in ClamAV.  Sometimes our employees send PDF
>> documents to internal users and it gets detected as PUA and the
>> recipient gets a message that VIRUS PUA was found and hence blocked.
>> I want to enable notification to internal sender also along with
>> recipeint (the email id belongs to our own domain).  Is it possible?  If
>> yes, what should be the parameters which I need to enable in amavisd?
> To let a sender get a non-delivery notification on a blocked virus,
> you need to set $final_virus_destiny to D_BOUNCE. As this is
> not wise as a global setting, but possibly useful for messages
> originating from inside (although even internally originating
> mail from infected machines can have a fake sender address),
> the way to do so is to change final_virus_destiny in a policy
> bank, but leave a global setting at a safe D_DISCARD or D_REJECT
> or D_PASS.
> Something like this:
> @mynetworks = qw(
> [::1] [fe80::]/10 [fc00::]/7
>   # ... list all your networks here
> );
> $final_virus_destiny = D_REJECT;
> $policy_bank{'MYNETS'} = {
>   final_virus_destiny => D_BOUNCE,
> };
> If there are authenticated users submitting mail from remote
> IP addresses, instead of relying on @mynetworks and MYNETS
> you need to use a port-based policy bank and configure
> MSA to pass authenticated submitted mail to a dedicated
> TCP port of amavisd, where a policy bank (often called
> ORIGINATING) could be activated.
>   Mark

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