[amavis-users] amavisd 2.7.x final_virus_destiny and rfc 5321 section 2.1

Jonathan Siegle via amavis-users amavis-users at amavis.org
Tue Feb 25 18:20:59 CET 2014

In the RELEASE_NOTES under "COMPATIBILITY WITH 2.6.4 / 2.6.5 / 2.6.6", 
there is discussion on why the default for $final_virus_destiny was 
changed to D_DISCARD from D_BOUNCE.

When people talked about this, was RFC 5321 section 2.1 brought up? An 
archive thread on this is just fine.

Why would it be bad to accept the virus e-mail and then do the following:

Strip off the virus.
Send the rest of the e-mail to the original recipient?


Jonathan Siegle

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