Looking for example config for local quarantine to mbox file

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Mon Feb 24 23:06:42 CET 2014

Greetings, Dave Dodd!

>> > My amavisd-new installation is using mysql for logging and reporting so I can
>> > use MailZu. My quarantine is currently working fine with plain files.  I can
>> > release quarntined files via MailZu.
>> > I would now like the quarantine to be in mbox file format.
>> I can't help with your question, but I feel I should raise a flag for your
>> consideration.
>> If you store your whole quarantine in a single file, to release one message
>> and remove it from quarantine, you would need to rewrite whole file.
>> Each time.
>> Do you REALLY want to do it?
>> > My understanding from the docs and experimenting is that $QUARANTINEDIR should
>> > be set to the mbox file name to achieve this.
>> > The quarantine works as expected but when I try to release via MailZu I see the following in /var/log/maillog
>> > Feb 24 12:29:58 ben amavis[49018]: (!!)policy_server FAILED: Unsafe filename
>> >    '/var/amavis/quarantine/dgdmbox' at (eval 112) line 309, <GEN26> line 7.
>> > After a bit of poking around I realized the regular expression that triggers
>> > the Unsafe message does not like a leading / .
>> > If I set $QUARANTINEDIR to just a filename without path information where
>> > would amavisd think the file would be located ?
>> > Does anyone have a working example of what to set $QUARANTINEDIR to to havei
>> > this new setup work successfully ?

> My description was not clear.  I am trying to ultimately have an individual
> mbox format file for each qurantined item.

Oh, then our intentions may be quite similar, if not identical.
I'm looking for a solution to have a carbon copy of every message received by
postfix. I've tried to inject a script as an additional content filter on
receiving smtpd transport, but this didn't worked well. When I resubmit a
message through local pickup, bayesian analyser in SA suddenly refuse to work.
BCC maps are not quite working (i'm loosing about 15% of all messages in test

I'm now looking for a way to make AMaViS either submit an unmodified copy of
the message to the specified SMTP backend, or to call a script directly from
inside AMaViS and pass a message to it before any modifications.
The script I'm using is rather simple, it just delivering a message into
specified Maildir/ format folder. The advantage of Maildir is that it store
every message as a separate file, so it's quite easy to operate.

> Your English is certainly better than my Russian :-)

You all say that...

I'm attaching a full version of my carbon copier script - the one that is
suitable to use as content-filter. But, again, be warned that if you inject it
before AMaViS, your SPAM filtering would break.

Andrey Repin (anrdaemon at freemail.ru) 25.02.2014, <01:45>

Sorry for my terrible english...
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