.docx files filtered out by amavis - how to stop this?

Marko Weber | ZBF via amavis-users amavis-users at amavis.org
Fri Feb 21 12:24:20 CET 2014

hello list,

.docx files get filtered oout on one of our mailgateways.

Feb 19 17:38:00 mail4 amavis[16906]: (16906-18) Blocked BANNED 
(.exe,.exe-ms,[trash]/0000.dat) {DiscardedInbound,Quarantined}, 
[xxx.xxxx.xxxx.xx] <user at domian.de> -> <user2 at otherdomain.de>, 
quarantine: banned-Dv5waHtnLz4F, Message-ID: 
<OF21DF38A4.21A8799C-ONC1257C84.005B32CC-C1257C84.005B5195 at domain.de>, 
mail_id: Dv5waHtnLz4F, Hits: -, size: 894942, 637 ms

i can see this: [trash]/0000.dat)
in the log entry.

does this mean , the mail is filtered out because MS Outllok adds an 
.dat in the mail?

and how can i ensure, that .docx are not filtered out?

thank you

best regards


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