Checking From inside the message

Benny Pedersen me at
Mon Dec 22 14:32:36 CET 2014

Andrei Brezan skrev den 2014-12-22 10:11:

> This might break e-mails sent back to you from mailing lists, your own
> posts to the list if you use that feature. Also gmail suffers from
> this issue, you are not able to receive your own posts to mailing
> lists.

no it does not break maillists since check_sender in postfix is not 
really using From: header, i will not take endless debate on why sender 
id sooks now :=)

> If there is a better solution for this I'm also interested.

amavisd dkim verify ?, and then make a maillist policy bank, to disable 
all needed things that might break ?

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