Amavis stripping headers from email

Quanah Gibson-Mount quanah at
Tue Dec 9 20:32:41 CET 2014

Per user complaint to Zimbra:

Reading at Spamassassin docs

  "Resending a mail message while preserving the headers"

suggests that a 'redirect' should preserve the original Spam* headers.

On a non-Zimbra server ('plain' postfix ...), with both procmail & full 
Sieve available, and direct (not via amavisd) processing by Spamassassin, 
redirected messages do, in fact, preserve the original received messages' 
headers, simply appending new headers.

I.e., the message as viewed in the destination account has the original, 
1st-inbound-step's SA-processed headers visible and intact.

Testing Zimbra,

for an originally received message with populated and in-tact 
inbound-amavisd-generated headers, a REDIRECT of those messages through 
Zimbra (whether via an external MUA, or from within ZImbra @ Zimbra -> 
AdminUI -> Manage Account -> Preferences -> Filter -> REDIRECT) results in 
a re-received message whose headers NO LONGER INCLUDE the original 
message's X-SPAM* headers -- they're deleted/gone.

It *appears* that an additional pass through Amavisd causes that deletion

Assuming that the SA approach is valid, then Amavisd is breaking this by 
rewriting the headers on redirect.

Mark, is this a bug in Amavis?  Is there a way to fix this on redirect?



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