Monitoring the Postfix queue

Noel Jones njones at
Thu Aug 28 23:21:51 CEST 2014

On 8/28/2014 12:45 PM, Kent Oyer wrote:
> This is probably a Postfix question but when using Amavisd-new there
> seems to be 2 postfix mail queues: one that listens on port 25 for
> incoming mail and the other that listens on a different port (e.g.
> 20025) that receives messages from Amavisd and relays messages to
> the destination server. The problem is when I use mailq to display
> the contents of the mailq it shows messages from both queues. How do
> I view just the “pre-Amavisd” queue or just the “post-Amavisd” queue?
> Thanks
> Kent

There's really only one postfix queue.  You may be able to use the
qshape tool to sort the messages by next-hop.

A better solution is to use multiple postfix instances so you really
have two separate queues.  This is a little extra work to set up,
but the benefit is you can easily see when and where a bottleneck

  -- Noel Jones

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