amavisd performance issues - 100% single CPU core

Alex mysqlstudent at
Sun Aug 24 19:24:25 CEST 2014


> The problem I'm getting at the moment, is that on occasion, more often
than not, an amavisd process will
> hog 100% of a CPU core and just hang there, I believe the email still
gets sent, but not 100% sure!

What rules are you using with spamassassin? Are they all the stock standard
rules or have you created any of your own?

I'd start looking there - starting limiting the number of rules you're
using until you find the one that's triggering this.

When it starts consuming 100% of the CPU, do you have to kill amavisd and
restart it, or does it eventually go back to normal on its own?

What do the logs say? Try increasing the logging level until it reports
something that may be helpful.

You may also be able to identify the email that it's currently processing
by looking in the /var/spool/amavisd/tmp directory for the process that's
currently using all your resources.

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