Is it possible to completely ignore spam checks on large mail?

Peter Olsson via amavis-users amavis-users at
Thu Apr 24 22:00:53 CEST 2014

We would like large mail, like 10 MB and above,
to avoid all spam checks.

I believe this was the case previously, but that
it was changed in 2.6.4:
- large messages beyond $sa_mail_body_size_limit are now partially passed
  to SpamAssassin and other spam scanners for checking: a copy passed to
  a spam scanner is truncated near or slightly past the indicated limit.
  Large messages are no longer given an almost free passage through spam

Is it possible to negate this change so that large
mail are not checked and thus will never end up in
Preferably in such a way that the current usage of
sa_mail_body_size_limit remains the same, just combined
with a higher limit that cuts of all spam checks.

(Our problem is not with quarantine storage, but with
the release of quarantined mail that are larger than
an internal mail size limit. Unfortunately we can't
lower the external limit to match the size of the
internal limit, because some mail use a different
path after the amavisd server. These other mail
need the higher external size limit. So a workaround
would be to ensure that large mail can never end up
in quarantine, even if that means that we have to
sacrifice spam checking on them.)


Peter Olsson

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