DKIM Signing - storing keys in sql table?

Tom Johnson via amavis-users amavis-users at
Thu Sep 5 02:21:55 CEST 2013

> On Sep 4, 2013, at 6:00 AM, Hans Spaans via amavis-users <amavis-users at> wrote:
> Thomas Johnson via amavis-users schreef op 2013-08-29 21:36:
>> We're interested in adding DKIM signing, but we've got a huge number
>> of domains, and storing the keys in files and reloading amavisd-new
>> isn't practical.  We've looked at opendkim, which does support this,
>> but we'd prefer to keep all this sort of thing in one place, in
>> amavisd-new.
>> Are there any plans to add the ability to store the keys in a sql
>> table?  Either in the policy table directly, or in a separate table?
> Using the policy table would only make sense for the DKIM-selector maybe, but not for the keys as you want to be able to do a controlled key roll-over.

That's a great point - I'd definitely want to store the old keys, so a separate table is a must.  But it could be joined with the policy table so the values would be available without doing an additional SQL query, so as to simplify adding this new feature. 

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