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>Hi Benedict,
>Thanks for your recommendation - I've modified my definition. I've got something similar that only releases from local host anyway  :) I'll definitely checkout mailzu though, that looks interesting from the screenshots on >sourceforge!

The version of MailZu on sourceforge is a little broken, in a couple of weeks I expect to release a forked version. 

>I've checked my logs but I am still getting no recognized protocol name 0.

I presume you have restarted Amavisd...

If you have, can you:

grep 0 amavisd.conf | grep protocol to see if there are any lines that contain both.

(Or  grep -a3 -b3 0 amavisd.conf | grep protocol to check further afield, followed by looking at those parts of the conf file.

Kindest regards,

Benedict White

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