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>My AM.PDP settings are as follows:
>$interface_policy{'SOCK'} = 'AM.PDP-SOCK'; # only applies with $unix_socketname
># Use with amavis-release over a socket or with Petr Rehor's amavis-milter.c # (with amavis-milter.c from this package or old amavis.c client use 'AM.CL'):
>$policy_bank{'AM.PDP-SOCK'} = {
>  protocol => 'AM.PDP',
 > auth_required_release => 0,  # do not require secret_id for amavisd-release };

Do you need to have the release so open? As in, do you need to have emails released without the secret ID? I use MailZu for quarantine
Management (albeit our own patched version) and that supplies both Mail-id and secret-id for quarantine release.

Mine looks like this:
$policy_bank{'AM.PDP'} = {
    protocol => 'AM.PDP',
    inet_acl => [qw( )],

This allows release from requests from the local machine only, but does require the secret ID. You could just hash out the auth_required_release line as well.

Kindest regards,

Benedict White

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