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Subject: Amavisd question

>I am wondering if you could possibly help. We have an amavis installation we use as a mail gateway for an antispam solution. Most mail is coming through fine, however I am seeing in the logs quite a few of these errors:
>Sep  2 12:11:17 spam amavis[9795]: (09795-02-175) (!!)TROUBLE in check_mail: quar+notif FAILED: mail_dispatch: no recognized protocol name: 0 at /usr/sbin/amavisd line 8516.
>Sep  2 12:11:17 spam amavis[9795]: (09795-02-175) (!)PRESERVING EVIDENCE in /var/amavis/tmp/amavis-20130902T121117-09795-NZekWp0L

As well as Richard's suggestion you could use the following command to see where your error in the config file is coming from:

grep protocol amavisd.conf

So you can then see which line is generating the protocol name "0". If that doesn't help, can you send the output of that command here.

Kind regards

Benedict White

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