How to reject mail with future time stamp

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It's my impression that Spamassasin accepts messages to the server, then 
scans the messages, assign a score then determin whether to deliver the 
messages to the user. I'm trying to use a method to prevent the message 
from ever coming into the server.

Does Amavis have this ability?

I was trying to figure out how to do this will policyd but someone in 
the list said policyd didn't have such a feature (to check the headers 
and block) it was a feature of Amavis.

I have Amavis installed.  I know it's filtering messages.  But I don't 
fully understand how it works.  I'm trying to use it, as in my original 
question, to block unwanted messages from even coming to the server by 
looking at on the header.

If a full message was scanned, that would mean that it came to the 
server to be scanned.

Thanks in advance for any one that can help me to understand the 
workings of Amavis.

-- L. James

L. D. James
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On 11/30/2013 07:28 AM, Simon B wrote:
> On 30 Nov 2013 01:13, "L. D. James via amavis-users" 
> <amavis-users at <mailto:amavis-users at>> wrote:
> >
> > I have a number of messages coming to me that has a future time 
> (between 2 and 12 hours in the future).  The messages cause a little 
> confusion because at a glance I keep seeing the same messages on top 
> and not realizing I have received new messages since the flawed dated 
> message.
> >
> > I also notice that all the messages with this flawed date (future 
> timestamp) are spam messages, almost always lewd in content.
> >
> > Can someone advise me of a configuration using Amavis to 
> block/reject those messages?  Hopefully this will include a bounced 
> message indicating why it was blocked.
> Are you using spamassassin?
> If so, set a reasonable score for discard.  Anything higher than 6 
> cannot possibly not be so spam (imho, ymmv etc.).
> Simon

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