Differential treatment for Spam emails via amavisd-new

Sharma, Ashish via amavis-users amavis-users at amavis.org
Thu Nov 28 15:41:48 CET 2013


I have a postfix, amavisd-new, content filter setup.

I use Amavisd-new to just add spam scores in the mail headers and rest of the logic to treat that email is taken care in the Content filter after that.

Right now I have a spam score threshold of 6.9, emails above that are tagged as spam and are forwarded to content filter.

What I intend to do now is to change this setup so that mails with spam score up to 8.9 go to content filter but mails having more spam score than that should be discarded plainly by Amavisd-new, but I don't know how to do that or even it is possible with amavisd-new at all or not.

Please help me on the above.

Following are my amavisd.conf settings for reference:

$sa_tag_level_deflt  = -999;  # add spam info headers if at, or above that level
$sa_tag2_level_deflt = 6.9;  # add 'spam detected' headers at that level
$sa_kill_level_deflt = 6.9;  # triggers spam evasive actions (e.g. blocks mail)
$sa_dsn_cutoff_level = 10;   # spam level beyond which a DSN is not sent
$sa_crediblefrom_dsn_cutoff_level = 18; # likewise, but for a likely valid From
# $sa_quarantine_cutoff_level = 25; # spam level beyond which quarantine is off
$penpals_bonus_score = 8;    # (no effect without a @storage_sql_dsn database)
$penpals_threshold_high = $sa_kill_level_deflt;  # don't waste time on hi spam
$bounce_killer_score = 100;  # spam score points to add for joe-jobbed bounces

$final_virus_destiny      = D_PASS;
$final_spam_destiny       = D_PASS;
$final_banned_destiny     = D_PASS;
$final_bad_header_destiny = D_PASS;

Ashish Sharma

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