Bypass Spam Checks For Internal Mail Meant For Own Domains

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Current implementation of policy bank allows creating Policy Bank
associated  with TCP port amavisd listening on. And I can see in the
configuration file of new versions it supports sockets also.
I am afraid currently it doesn't support creating Policy banks on the basis
of recipient address. But I thing it will be implemented in future.

If you are using Postfix you can use the check_recipient_access lookup
table to send mails for specific recipient domains to specific Amavis
Policy Bank.

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> Hello,
> Is it possible to bypass spam scanning for mail originating from internal
> networks where the recipient belongs to own domains. I am aware that spam
> checks can be bypassed for all internally originating mail using a Policy
> Bank and specifying the internal networks but want to find out whether this
> Policy Bank can also include the recipient domains so that the spam checks
> are skipped  selectively only. Which would be the appropriate variable to
> define the recipient domain(s) within this Policy Bank so that spam checks
> are bypassed only for them.
> Thanks,
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> Manish Kathuria
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