Debug issue

Jesus Cordoba Casado via amavis-users amavis-users at
Thu Nov 21 20:46:08 CET 2013


Today trying to use altermime with amavis I found that turning on debug
mode ($log_level=5;) doesn't show any information about altermime. Well,
only this:

Nov 21 19:54:36 vps amavis[18491]: Found $altermime       at

No collect_results, run_command or similar about altermime. (Tested
after sending email from mynetworks and authenticated users).

I'm unable to debug where the problem is. Here is the 50-user configuration:

$allow_disclaimers = 1;
$altermime = '/usr/bin/altermime';
@disclaimer_options_bysender_maps = ();
@altermime_args_disclaimer = qw(--verbose

Using amavisd-new-2.6.5 (20110407).

Thank you

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