Mail for banned

Olivier Nicole via amavis-users amavis-users at
Wed Nov 20 06:17:42 CET 2013


> > > How can I prevent a user to receive a mail when the messages he has sent 
> > > is banned by amavisd ?
> > 
> > Because the user has sent something bad (that got banned by amavis) you
> > want to kind of disable his account? That is far beyond the scope of
> > amavis I think.
> Yeah, and maybe send him ninjas to kill him.

That may do the trick :)

> Or, maybe he wants to disable the mail a user receives to inform him
> that the mail has been banned. That seems more logical to me :)

Could be, the OP request was not evident: "prevent the user to receive a
mail"? What mail?

I agree that your understanding seems very probable.



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