problem, pass bad header thru amavis and dont quarantine them

Marko Weber | ZBF weber at
Fri May 17 10:03:47 CEST 2013

Hi Patrick,

Am 2013-05-17 00:20, schrieb Patrick Ben Koetter:
> Marko,
> * Marko Weber | ZBF <weber at>:
> hello,
> i set in amavid.conf : $final_bad_header_destiny = D_PASS;
> but in logs i see this lines;
> May 16 23:22:11 mail amavis[15703]: (15703-13) Passed BAD-HEADER-1
> {RelayedOpenRelay,Quarantined}, [***.***.***.***] <apache@***.de> ->
> <rcpt at>,<kontakt at>, quarantine: h/badh-hee7b1_sjayQ,
> Message-ID: <20130516212213.9F4ED1606A5E at webserver-____>, mail_id:
> hee7b1_sjayQ, Hits: -, size: 644270, queued_as: 066EE368DC9, 181 ms
> i want bad header mails to passed thru without quarantining, is my
> setting above wrong?
> Forwarding (D_PASS) tells amavis where to route a message to. It does 
> not
> tell amavis if it should quarantine a message or not. Routing and 
> quarantine
> are configured separately from each other and Forwarding and Storing 
> into
> Quarantine may take place at the same time.
> If you set the following, quarantine for bad headers should be 
> disabled:
> $bad_header_quarantine_method = undef;
> BTW: Your log indicates (RelayedOpenRelay) amavis isn't configured 
> correctly
> to tell message directions. Take a look at
> <> 
> and
> fix your setup.

I had a look at this page yesterday already as i seen it in a post from 
you to another guy.
Its not really clear for me at all.
How are teh virual_domains listed in the file? each line a domain? comma 
seperated? semicolon seperated?

At all teh page is really nice with very good explained inside 
knowledge. but for me it appears you
just intorduce informations and dont explain in depth. (huh, my english 
is not the best, it was easier to fon with you  .

For me, with not ultra skill in amavis "examples" would be useful. short 
examples maybe.

i will try each line a domain and tell you what the logs says.........


> p at rick

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