McAfee uvscan with amavisd-new, poor performance

Sharma, Ashish ashish.sharma3 at
Wed May 15 14:24:49 CEST 2013


I have integrated McAfee uvscan command line scanner with my installation of amavisd-new, but I am getting very poor performance right now with email scanning time under high loads.

As per the information present here (

" VirusScan Command Line Scanner 6 integration with email or gateway scanning
... The VirusScan software CLS was not designed with the intent of handling the high transaction rate and concurrency of file operations that are seen in a typical server environment. For those environments, McAfee recommends only the McAfee Server or Gateway family of products. If, however, you still wish to utilize the VirusScan software CLS in a server environment, McAfee recommends that this should be done only for scanning larger collections of static data wherever possible, rather than invoking it for single file scanning on a repeated basis. This will improve the overall performance experience with the VirusScan software CLS by reducing the DAT initialization overheads..."

In short it says that McAfee command line scanner can't be used for the purpose that I am using it for now as for every email scan the virus signatures are loaded again resulting in the high turnaround time.

Can someone tell me is there a way to circumvent the limitation , so that I can run McAfee uvscan as a running daemon service.


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