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Thu Jun 20 22:31:13 CEST 2013

Have you activated postscript in Postfix? It was a major improvement for
me. The less spam makes it to amavisd, the better. And if you don't mind a
little delay on some mails you can also install a greylisting server.

Wietse describes a very good strategy (which I'm using)  here:

Op 20-jun.-2013 22:19 schreef "Christopher Koeber" <ckoeber at> het

> Hello,
> I have AmavisD with the following software running on Gentoo Linux (Kernel
> Version 3.8.13):
>    1. Postfix (Version 2.10.)
>    2. SpamAssassin (Version 3.3.2-r1)
>    3. ClamAV (Version 0.97.7)
>    4. DCC (Version 1.3.140-r1)
>    5. Razor (Version 2.85-r1)
> There are perhaps quite a few other packages I have installed; I just know
> these are the major ones I have installed.
> Anyway, everything works but quite frankly my users still get a
> significant amount of spam coming through (no viruses whatsoever, so the
> ClamAV aspect works great.)
> The core problem is that, from what I see from the logs the score for the
> spam messages gets rated lower than zero so the system is learning these
> messages as ham and as such the filter becomes less effective as time goes
> on.
> Now, the current install isn't completely ineffective; it catches a great
> deal of spam messages but my question stems from asking what can I do to
> greatly increase the accuracy.
> Is there a guide somewhere on improving detection of spam with AmavisD? I
> couldn't find such a guide. Much of the items mentioned for improving
> SpamAssassin was within the "" file but I know AmavisD ignores
> that (from what I read). I also know I can lower the tag/tag2/etc. numbers
> but then valid mail gets caught.
> Any help in this area would be much appreciated.
> Thank you.
> Regards,
> Christopher Koeber
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