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Robert Schetterer rs at
Thu Jul 18 10:38:11 CEST 2013

Am 18.07.2013 10:26, schrieb Patrick Ben Koetter:
> * Andreas Schulze <andreas.schulze at>:
>> Hello,
>> amavis put spam/virus mails in quarantine. in special cases an admin could release such messages using amavisd-release.
>> If I released a misclassifies spam than there are still header present marking the spamstate (X-Spam: yes for example)
>> Some users filter on these header an discard the releases mail. Thats unwantet.
>> Is there a posibility to filter a message while releasing to remove header related to the misclassification?
> Forgot: The dedicated service must have an additional, dedicated
> cleanup-service, because that's the service who will apply header_checks.
> p at rick

perhaps if using some extra service
in using smtp_header_checks might work too


# # fax_service is a copy of the smtp...smtp transport
fax_service ... smtp -o smtp_header_checks=pcre:/etc/postfix/smtp_fax_header

# smtp_fax_header
 /^Subject: / REPLACE Subject: fax from 555-1212

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