Add Email Addresses to Safe-Senders List Automatically?

Christopher Kurtis Koeber ckoeber at
Wed Jul 10 21:05:20 CEST 2013



I have a rather simple request/idea that I am not sure if it is implemented
in AmavisD or SpamAssasin:


Is there a way to automatically add email addresses to the
"score_sender_maps" based on who people REPLY to? Right now I am using a
flat file for email address blacklisting/whitelisting but I am wondering if
there is a way the AmavisD system can add an email address to the file based
on an outgoing email.


The end-goal is for all outgoing emails to be whitelisted automatically if
they are replied to.


Let me know if that is realistic or not. 


Thank you for your time.




Christopher Kurtis Koeber


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