Bypass banned content check from localhost , and bypass incoming badh problem

weber at weber at
Thu Jan 24 11:56:51 CET 2013

hello list,

i want my users to be able to send banned content files.

my goal is to have a map in amavis where i can set which user is 
allowed to send banned content.

  ferdinand at is allowed to send,
  ulrike at is NOT allowed to send,

banned content.

i tried ago this one:

$policy_bank{'MYNETS'} = {   # mail originating from @mynetworks
   originating => 1,  # is true in MYNETS by default, but let's make it 
   os_fingerprint_method => undef,  # don't query p0f for internal 
   bypass_banned_checks_maps => [1],

and set above

@mynetworks = qw( );

but when i try to send via webmail a banned content , it get 


how do enable that amavid lets thru all badh and dont quarantine them?

many thanks from hamburg


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