Amavis fails to handle dropped LDAP connections

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Tue Jan 22 20:55:08 CET 2013

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> The error Amavis gets when this scenario occurs is:
> Nov  9 12:02:03 mta amavis[5021]: (05021-02) (!)lookup_ldap: do_search:
> failed:
> Since this does not match any of the above, it never retries.  It should
> also retry when it gets OPERATIONS_ERROR:
>     } elsif ($error_name !~

The error seems to vary depending on the version of Net::LDAP. 
Alternatively it may log:

[root at entry log]# tail -f /var/log/zimbra.log | grep -i amavis | grep -i 
Nov 14 11:33:14 entry amavis[24329]: (24329-16) (!)lookup_ldap: do_search:

So it should account for that as well:

    } elsif ($error_name !~ /^LDAP_(?:BUSY|UNAVAILABLE|UNWILLING_TO_PERFORM|
      die "do_search: failed: $error_name\n";



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