On Redhat/CentOS how many use a repository and how many build from source?

Patrick Ben Koetter p at sys4.de
Tue Jan 15 20:45:17 CET 2013

* francis picabia <fpicabia at gmail.com>:
> I'm not seeing any repository for Redhat Linux which is very current.
> I'm accustomed to seeing security updates for my packages.


> For awhile I made an exception, to get the latest Postfix
> and build it from source since Postscreen was available as
> a powerful new feature.
> What do other Redhat admins use for amavisd repos or do you
> build from source, or other option to maintain amavisd?

RedHat ships Sendmail by default and it doesn't look as if this will change
soon. You can get newer RH packages if you use CentOS repositories - they
provide a Postfix RPM that also supports SQL map types.

p at rick

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