AMaViS and DSPAM Training

Phil Daws uxbod at
Wed Feb 27 14:14:09 CET 2013


we have amavis and SA already in place, which is working very well indeed, though we would like to enable DSPAM as-well. What we have found is that the auto-learn functionality does not seem to train DSPAM when SA triggers either spam/ham. At present we have this in our configuration file: 

@spam_scanners = ( 
['SpamAssassin', 'Amavis::SpamControl::SpamAssassin' ], 
['DSPAM', 'Amavis::SpamControl::ExtProg', $dspam, 
[ qw(--stdout --classify --deliver=innocent,spam --mode=tum 
--tokenizer=chained,noise --user), $daemon_user ], 
learn_ham => [ qw(--class=innocent --source=error--user), $daemon_user ], 
learn_spam => [ qw(--class=spam --source=error --user), $daemon_user ], 
mail_body_size_limit => 64000, score_factor => 0.1, 

Is this the correct way of defining DSPAM ? I read an archive posting, from last year, that it would not work due to the headers and that the OP ended up writing a custom hook. 

Would welcome advice on how we can get it to work please ? 

Thank you. 

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