Notifications on banned files

Michael Dukelsky amavism at
Mon Feb 25 14:43:45 CET 2013

Hi Patrick,

On 22.02.2013 19:30, Patrick Ben Koetter wrote:

 ??>> I'd like a recipient to receive a notification of a banned
 ??>> file moved to the quarantine, if and only if the recipient
 ??>> is in my net. How do I do it?
 PK> Set @mynetworks to tell where your machines are:
 PK> @mynetworks = qw(
 PK>     ...
 PK>     );  #
 PK> Set @local_domains_maps to tell amavis who your recipients are:
 PK> @local_domains_maps = (
 PK>     ".$mydomain"
 PK>     );
 PK> Tell amavis to notify recipients of banned file quarantine:
 PK> # Don't send notification to sender
 PK> $warnbannedsender = 0;
 PK> # Send notification to recipient
 PK> $warnbannedrecip = 1;

Thank you very much, it works.

Now I tried to send a notification to a sender from my net who has sent
a message with a banned file.

If I set

$warnbannedsender = 1;

then both sender in my net and recipient out of my net get
notifications. And I do not want the recipient out of my net to get a

I tried also to set

$policy_bank{'ORIGINATING'} = {
  originating => 1,
  warnbannedsender => 1,

But it looks like the policy bank settings do not influence amavisd. How
do I send a notification to a sender only if he is from my net?

Best regards,

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