amavisd-release help

Dirk Schleicher dirk.schleicher at
Mon Feb 18 14:38:34 CET 2013

am 17.02.13 schrieb Patrick Ben Koetter

>Then you need to include the subdirectory name.

I try different thinks. 

root at mail-proxy:/var/lib/amavis/virusmails/0# find -name "badh-*" | sed -e 's/\.\/\(.*\)/\1/g' | xargs amavisd-release
450 4.5.0 Failure: Result V4H9weiNJN6X of secret_id does not match mail_id 0YVgjJCQF0Rh at (eval 99) line 308, <GEN252> line 19.

root at mail-proxy:/home/mail-proxy# find /var/lib/amavis/virusmails/0 -name "badh-*" | sed -e 's/\.\/\(.*\)/\1/g' | xargs amavisd-release
Invalid quarantine ID: /var/lib/amavis/virusmails/0/badh-0YVgjJCQF0Rh

amavisd-release version 1.5
Usage:  $ amavisd-release mail_file [secret_id [alt_recip1 alt_recip2 ...]]
  or to read request lines from stdin:  $ amavisd-release -

Sorry but what is going wrong? What I doing wrong?



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