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I'm running amavisd-new, postfix and spammassasin on Debian Wheezy and often see "Hits: -," in my log file, presuming mails were not properly scanned by spamassasin.
Here is an exemple :

Dec 10 11:21:49 mut-mx-1 amavis[26205]: (26205-01) Passed CLEAN {RelayedInbound}, []:46795 [] <xxx at> -> <xxx at>, Queue-ID: 1C118440090, Message-ID: <1386670903.7957.YahooMailNeo at>, mail_id: cG4CC8U8O3lj, Hits: -, size: 28791, pt: 50, queued_as: 62243440099, 143 ms

I don't know how to debug this strange behavior as it appears randomly.
I set $log_level = 5; for several hour and didn't see any "Hits: -,".
I switched back to $log_level = 0, waited a bit and some "Hits: -," appears again.

Can you please point me the right direction to solve ?
This is my first post, so tell me please what kind of information you need to help (bootstrap log, conf file ..).

Thanks a lot.

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