Best way to start amavisd-snmp-subagent?

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>I certainly understand that. I can certainly try that route but I just need to make sure that the format I'm using in the white.lst and the black.lst files is correct. Namely, I read somewhere that a carriage return must be present at >the end of the files the .lst files. Also is it required for domain to be prefixed with "." like .domain.tld? :
> 50-user config:
>white.lst file:
>whitelisted at somedomain.tld
>black.lst file:
>someoone at someotherdomain.tld

I only use SpamAssassin white and blacklists (though as I am looking to develop MailZu I may also do sql ones) so can't comment on the syntax of the file.

What I can say is that when I had a problem I couldn't find a fix for,  an extended log file led me to the problem

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Benedict White

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