How many people use Mailzu?

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> >> Well, I can't see what licence it is issued under and it includes 
> >> things I definitely don't want like webmail (though I may be able to 
> >> turn that off)
> >Quote: "Modoboa is released under the MIT license" (available in each page's footer).
> >
> >The webmail is just an extension and it is not activated by default.
> >
> >>> It proposes a quarantine manager, per-domain settings and it is 
> >>> maintained. You can even know what will be coming soon for 1.1
> >>> (
> >> I'm a little unclear from that link, how good the support for Amavisd-new SQL based policies are.
> >>
> >Current support is pretty basic (only at domain level and for a subset of settings) but it will be improved for the 1.1.
> Does Modoboa use a standard Amavisd style database schema or does it use it's own and Amavisd connect to it?

It uses amavisd's default database. IIRC it adds on field, but that may have
been in prior releases.

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