How many people use Mailzu?

Antoine Nguyen tonio at
Thu Aug 8 18:14:28 CEST 2013

Le 08/08/2013 16:14, Benedict White a écrit :
> Well, I can't see what licence it is issued under and it includes things I definitely don't want like webmail (though I may be able to turn that off)
Quote: "Modoboa is released under the MIT license" (available in each 
page's footer).

The webmail is just an extension and it is not activated by default.

>> It proposes a quarantine manager, per-domain settings and it is maintained. You can even know what will be coming soon for 1.1
>> (
> I'm a little unclear from that link, how good the support for Amavisd-new SQL based policies are.
Current support is pretty basic (only at domain level and for a subset 
of settings) but it will be improved for the 1.1.


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