bypass +badh delivery ?

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Wed Oct 31 21:46:41 CET 2012

I'm using +subaddress for +spam 'sorting';

I'm getting 'badh' emails delivered to +subaddress 'user+badh'

how can I NOT deliver badh to user+badh, but, to 'main' inbox ?

should I just disable 'badh' checks ?

thanks for any pointers

amavisd -V
amavisd-new-2.8.0-pre7 (20120522)

grep bad_head amavisd.conf

@addr_extension_bad_header_maps = ('badh');
$final_bad_header_destiny = D_PASS;
$bad_header_quarantine_to = 'bad-header-quarantine';

$bad_header_quarantine_to = 'badh at';  # fwd to MTA for delivery
@bad_header_lovers_maps = (

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