Hold reason in custom module

Alexander Wirt formorer at formorer.de
Mon Nov 26 17:00:12 CET 2012


in older versions of amavis there was a specialized mailbomb handling (mails
the execeed the unpackers limits). Newer versions of amavis try to handle
this with CC_UNCHECKED which is per se fine, unfortunatly gpg encrypted
mails, smime or archives with passwords are also CC_UNCHECKED. I need to
seperate those cases. So I see two solutions here:

a) creating subcategorys of CC_UNCHECKED that seperates those cases
(CC_SPAMMY or CC_BADH are examples of those subcategorys).

b) storing the hold reason somewhere in $msginfo so a custom module can
access the information.

I would be fine with both and I am also willing to implement one of those
solutions. Any comments on that case?


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