Explanation amavisd log file entries

Richard Young Richard.Young at usq.edu.au
Thu Nov 22 00:17:08 CET 2012

I was wondering if somebody could explain/define what the ipaddresses are in a standard amavis log entry. Below is a log entry from the mail log file, that contains two different ipaddresses, in the majority of log entries the two ipadresses are the same but sometimes they are different.

Nov 18 22:23:05 sfilter2 amavis[2892]: (02892-06) Passed CLEAN {RelayedInbound}, [] [] <Hua.Wang at usq.edu.au> -> <wang at usq.edu.au>, Message-ID: <7A17BBB7FB5B46488AF598D3BF4933FE3887675E1B at EXCHMB.usq.edu.au>, mail_id: I-_EecyM4cSE, Hits: -0.999, size: 488219, queued_as: 92C2B15B59F, 5363 ms

Thank you
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