R: Quarantine id

Giampaolo Tomassoni giampaolo at tomassoni.biz
Sun Nov 18 18:17:59 CET 2012

> need: queue_id macro
> instead of: message_id macro (%m)
> Is there a macro for queue_id in amavis that I can use instead of %m?
> Thanks
> -Christian Rößner

Hi Christian,

I'm not involved in the Amavis development, so I may easily be wrong in
this, but what you mean by queue_id? The MX queue id?

And why do you need it? Can't you just enumerate the spam files in your
quarantine folder and 'pick' the ones more recent than the last processed

Some years ago I developed a small perl script
(http://www.tomassoni.biz/spamgrass/) to report quarantined messages to
SpamCop. There you may find some logic to pick the latest drops in the
quarantine folder, if this is what you need.



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